Thumb step through rotation

Step Through Rotation

RMT® Club

Thumb underhand figure 8

Underhand Figure 8s

RMT® Club

Thumb coiled bailer

Coiled Bailer

RMT® Club

Thumb step lunge with rotation

Step Lunge with Rotation

RMT® Club

Thumb one arm swing

One Arm Swing

RMT® Club

Thumb back swing rotation

Back Swing Rotation

RMT® Club

Thumb half kneeling dynamic rotation

Half Kneeling Dynamic Rotation

RMT® Club

Thumb overhand figure 8

Overhand FIgure 8

RMT® Club

Thumb shoulder to shoulder rotation

Shoulder to Shoulder Rotation

RMT® Club

Thumb circle stop

Circle Stop

RMT® Club

Thumb workout

Golf Workout

RMT® Club

Thumb crosshandshoulderstretch

Cross Hand Shoulder Stretch

Thumb warmup

Warmup Exercises

Thumb counterrotate

Upper/Lower Body Counter Rotation

Thumb t y

T's and Y's

Thumb stepthrough

Step Through with Rotation

Thumb steplunge

Step Lunge with Rotation

Thumb hiphinge

Single Leg Hip Hinge

Thumb halfkneel

Half Kneeling with Dynamic Rotation

Thumb coreshift

Core Shifts

Thumb latstretch

Overhead Lat Stretch

RMT Club For Golf

The RMT Club serves as the perfect golf training aid and fitness tool. Its design allows you to condition your body as well as improve swing mechanics, rotational power, strength, shoulder stability, mobility, trunk rotation, and balance.

Use the RMT Club for acceleration and deceleration exercises, upper and lower body separation exercises, range of motion exercises, swing through exercises, weight transfer and balance exercises, wrist and forearm exercises, core exercises and more.

This all-in-one tool not only improves your game, it will improve your body.

About Hansen Fitness for Golf:

Hansen Fitness For Golf, located in Orange County, was founded by Mike Hansen in 2001 and is a golf specific coaching company. Mike Hansen is a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified instructor for Level 1, 2, and 3. Mike also obtains a level 2 Golf Biomechanics certification. Mike is currently the head golf fitness coach for Dove Canyon Country Club and El Niguel Country Club.

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