Thumb follow along

ProPulse® Speed Trainers Home Workout

10 min Full Body

Thumb follow along 2

ProPulse® Speed Trainers Home Workout

10 min Full Body 2

Thumb cardio follow

ProPulse® Speed Trainers Workout

10 min Full Body Cardio

Thumb metronome

ProPulse® Speed Trainers Metronome Workout

12 min Cardio Metronomic Pyramid

Thumb workset

Athletic Workset

ProPulse® Speed Trainers

ProPulse® Speed Trainer Workouts

This section presents videos between 2min-10min that focuson full-body workouts to fully engage the entire body in the action. All the drills presented are static and designed to be performed in limited spaces but they all translate to full-range movements such as running and sport performing.

ProPulse® Speed Trainers allow you to fully unlock the power of entire body while performing any type of movement thanks to the continuous feedback provided by the internal shifting weights.

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