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Name: Brandi Blankenship

10615 Calle Mar De mariposa
San Diego , California
USA 92130





As a Certified Personal Trainer for over 7 years, and a formerly sick and unhealthy person, I am proud to serve folks who have a desire to strengthen their body to better their quality of life. In a world where much is uncertain movement can be used to bring your brain back down to your body so you can show up in life as a more balanced individual. I have personally reaped the rewards of sowing a regular movement practice and I want to share this gift! As a coach I enjoy taking my client's movement pattern's apart and helping them put the pieces back together in a more organized way that relates to gait and leads them toward a better life as a mover, period. You shouldn't be in pain, you shouldn't need to “just deal" with discomfort- you deserve to move, play and enjoy the human experience! I am available for:

-Private Training, one-on-one or partner

-Individualized Online Training

-Trainer/Coach Mentorship

Certifications: WMQ, Stick Mobility, NASM CPT, Women's Fitness Specialist