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Name: Pablo Lagas

5 Munro street
Melbourne , VIctoria
Australia 3000




Rotational Movement Training Specialist


Since I was a kid I was obsessed with jumping higher so I could dunk one day. I kept studying, reading and buying gimmicks, but that day didn't arrive, as I kept hurting myself with traditional ways of training.

As I kept searching, I found in WeckMethod a new way to understand human movement and power development. After studying everything about it that I could find, I got qualified and started delivering more value and more gains with less pain to my clients, and to my personal practice as well.

Now I can dunk and I keep working to jump higher, get new dunks, and run my fastest ever.

Having an engineering background helps me to take a different look at your training, being able to set smart goals with indicators to know we are going in the right way.

I could help you with :

  • Trainer / Coach Mentorship
  • Private training
  • Online training
  • Performance and running clinics
  • Vertical Jump specific training

Email :

Phone # +614134247795

Certifications : Weckmethod qualified 1, Goata coach, Bachelor degree of civil engineering. Currently in the process of becoming ASCA LEVEL 1 (Australian strength and conditioning association )