Thumb upperbody core

BOSU® Elite Home Workout

10 min Upper Body & Core

Thumb lowerbody core

BOSU® Elite Home Workout

10 min Lower Body & Core

Thumb bosu deadlifts

Athletic Workset

BOSU® Elite

BOSU® Elite Workouts

This section presents videos between 2min-10min that feature ballistics, core, strength & conditioning, and compression workouts designed to providefull-bodytraining and exponentially increase strength to make you feel more powerful when training. All of the workouts are designedto be performed in limited spaces to give you the ability to maximizeyour training from the comfort of your home.

The BOSU® Elite’s high-density dome is designed to take the pressure you apply and turn it into dynamic elastic resistance to generate explosive power and dynamic isometric tension.The greater resistance generated by the dome makes the BOSU® Elite anincredibly versatile tool and allows users to perform a wide range of workouts with it.

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