WeckMethod BOSU Elite

The WeckMethod BOSU Elite Workshop is a great way to purchase the new BOSU Elite and learn how to effectively use the new features to get the most out of your workouts. This clinic is not as comprehensive as the BOSU Elite instructor training course (in which you need to be a certified trainer to participate), however, it will give you the essentials to get you started. These essentials include: the basic differences between the new BOSU Elite and the original BOSU as well as dynamic warm-ups, quick exercises, how to incorporate exercises into existing workouts, and modifications for both beginners and advanced users.

Whether you have been using the BOSU for years, or this is your first BOSU , this clinic offers something for everyone. Paying attention to proper technique and understanding what you are trying to achieve in each movement (or exercise) can make big changes in a workout and overall improvement.

The BOSU Elite Workshop is in-person clinic and lasts approximately 2 hours. Along with receiving the BOSU Elite, each participant receives a pump, owner's manual, wall chart and DVD.

Equipment and Registration.

As stated above, the BOSU Elite is provided as part of this clinic at a discounted rate. If you already own a BOSU Elite and just want to take the clinic please chose the pricing option which does not include equipment. Equipment will be available for pick-up at the training facility. If you would like the product shipped to you please call customer service.

What you Need.

Please wear suitable workout clothes and appropriate footwear and bring a towel and water bottle. Lunch is not provided, however, there are many healthy options close by. We also recommend bringing a snack.

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