WeckMethod BASIC


WeckMethod B.A.S.I.C Training

The WeckMethod B.A.S.I.C.™ training incorporates innovative equipment and specialized training to improve conditioning, functional strength, rotational power, and athletic balance while also improving movement efficiency.

Its proprietary techniques takes you through every phase needed to become a more complete and conditioned athlete, whether you're 8 or 80, pro or novice. It teaches you to be strong in weak positions, move with more power and fluidity, become more mobile, balance, and coordinated - so you can look and feel your best and do what you love to do better.

WeckMethod B.A.S.I.C.™ training also incorporates WeckMethod's key principles throughout each phase, starting with the “WeckMethod Zen Ten™," which allows you to reflexively and neurologically organize your body prior to any dynamic movement. This unique training also incorporates the following core principles:

Rotational Movement Training® (RMT): Effectively increase rotational power while integrating both strength and balance. Includes both bodyweight and equipment-based exercises.

Non-Dominant Side Training™: Improve the non-dominant side of the body to minimize deficiencies and enhance overall performance.

Tensional Balance Training™: Establish and maintain correct tension throughout the body, allowing you to load the ground with more power and efficiency during athletic movement (such as running).

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