WeckMethod Pulsers™

The Greatest Innovation in the History of Locomotion

The new “you don't have a choice" advantage for running faster is Pulsing (not swinging) your arms.

Pulsing is faster. It's more energy efficient. It puts less stress on your body. And it makes running one heck of a lot more fun.

Never before has there been such a simple and effective way to override your natural inclination to swing your arms when you run.

WeckMethod Pulsers™increase your speed, agility and power unlike anything you've experienced before.

And as unbelievable as it may sound, you will run your absolute fastest with the weight of the WeckMethod Pulsers™ in your hands. Never before would anyone even think that it would be possible to run faster holding weights.

And of course you're faster than you were without holding them. Simply put, training with the WeckMethod Pulser's gives you the coordination, timing, strength, power and endurance of the Pulse to run faster and longer, with a lot less stress on your body.

WeckMethod Pulsers™ Trainers also get you in great shape (even without running). For just $20 you can move with greater ease, power and joy today and for the rest of your life.

Double Down Pulse

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