P.B.R. Qualification Course

P.B.R. is an acronym for ProPulse® Speed Trainers, WeckMethod Resistance Bands, and RMT® Ropes. The P.B.R Qualification Course is a one (1) day Live Streaming Course, approximately 6 hours in length.

Whether you are just starting out in the fitness industry, have been in it for years, or just want to progress your own personal practice, the techniques you will learn in the P.B.R Qualification Course will evolve your understanding of exercise and movement.

If you are a fitness pro or fitness enthusiast who is always exploring new ideas, finding new ways to take your training to the next level and dedicated to personalgrowth and improvement- the P.B.R Course if for you.


The Equipment Included

P.B.R. Course includes the following Equipment and Free Shipping as part of your purchase. The equipment will be sent to you before the course begins.

RMT® Rope

ProPulse® Speed Trainers

½-inch Coiling Core Training® Band

1-inch Coiling Core Training® Band

Full Access to Online Training Videos




The Method's Learned




Sign Up, Prep & Equipment


REGISTRATION: The last day for sign up is 10 days before course starts to ensure you receive your equipment on time for the course. After you purchase your course, you will be sent a follow email confirming your purchase and steps you sign up for the live stream.


TRAINING SPACE REQUIRED: Participants should locate a space where there is enough space to use the RMT® Rope without any interference. Example is space 10 feet wide in all directions with 10 feet in height to ensure movements have no disruption.


EQUIPMENT TO BE PROVIDED: Participants will be provided equipment prior to the start date of the course. Equipment will be sent to address provided upon registration unless registrant notifies prior to shipment.



P.B.R Coaches

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